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Bore clamp
Clamping elements for clamping in bore holes
also with centering function
single and double acting
max. operating pressure 50 to 500 bar
bore hole diameter from 6.6 to 46 mm
PosiFlex clamps
Clamping elements for the position flexible or "floating" clamping of workpieces
- hydro-cylinder with hydraulic locking of the piston
- combined clamping and supporting elements
- position flexible clamp and clamping claw
max. clamping forces from 5 to 25.5 kN
max. operating pressure from 250 to 500 bar
clamping strokes/pendulum range 4 to12 mm
Clamps / clamping cylinders
Hydraulic clamps and clamping cylinders
single or double acting
max. clamping forces from 2.2 to 50 kN
max. operating pressure from 100 to 500 bar
max. clamping strokes from 3 to 16 mm
Hinge clamps
Hydraulic hinge clamps
Double acting
Clamping lever is completely retracted in unclamped mode
Max. clamping forces from 2.2 to 15 kN
Max. operating pressure 70 to 250 bar
Clamping range/Clamping stroke from 3 to 8,5 mm
Swing clamps
Clamping elements with swing piston
Starting from the off position the piston swings by a defined angle and then clamps linearly downwards.
Max. clamping forces from 0.6 to 41.0 kN
Max. operating pressure from 150 to 500 bar
Max. clamping strokes from 6 to 50 mm