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Rotary couplings
Rotary couplings and rotary valve couplings
for oil supply to rotating and swivelling installations
they have to be mounted in the centre of rotation of the installation.
In contrast to rotary couplings rotary valve couplings take on the control functions for clamping and unclamping.
max. operating pressure 250 / 500 bar
Couplings to separate and connect hydraulic lines
versions for manual or automatic coupling
versions also for pneumatic and vacuum lines
can be coupled or uncoupled against pressure or only in depressurised mode
ND 3, 5 and 8
max. operating pressure 200 bar up to 500 bar
tubing elements
Cutting ring unions as per DIN 2353
hydraulic oil
seamless precision steel tubes
connecting inserts
pressure gauge
tube clamps
hydraulic high-pressure hoses
high-pressure filter
hydraulic accumulator
pressure switch