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Centrick Dreh-Kipp-Manipulator
Rotating modules
For rotation of the workpiece
Rotation will be effected directly at the workpiece or by means of a hand lever at the rotating module.
Optionally, an indexing for the rotating positions of 4 x 90° is available.
Tilting modules
For tilting or swivelling of the workpiece around a defined axis between the final positions 0° and 90°.
Tilting of a workpiece is made manually, the weight of the workpiece will be balanced.
The standard versions are equipped with an indexing in the final positions 0° and 90°.
For workpiece weights up to 100 kg.
Lifting modules
For guided lifting and lowering of the workpiece.
The lifting movement is effected power-supported by a hydraulic or electrical actuator against the weight of the workpiece.
The lowering movement is a defined lowering by use of the weight.
For maximum workpiece weights of 100 to 600 kg.
Maximum strokes from 200 to 940 mm.
Cart modules
Cart modules offer the possibility to move manually individual modules or module combinations with or without workpieces.
All cart modules are equipped with a parking brake.
Floor modules
Floor modules compensate unevennesses of the floor place and offer a high stability.
The offer includes two versions with one or two mounting plates for mounting of other
modulog modules.
- Base plates
- Adaptor plates
- Flange plates
- Table plates
- Hand panel and foot switch
- Supply units
- Clamping modules to clamp workpieces