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A0.100 General characteristics of hydraulic equipment
General technical information
on hydraulic elements
operating conditions
connecting threads
stroke speeds
leakage rates
A0.110 Venting of the spring area
of clamping elements and work supports
Instructions for venting of the spring area
of single-acting hydraulic elements
elements with venting of the spring area
Why bleeding has to be efected?
What occurs during bleeding?
measures of precaution
accessories for bleeding
A0.130 Determination of clamping forces
Instructions for determination of clamping forces for dimensioning of the size and operating pressure of hydraulic elements
clamping forces of screws compared with the pressure forces of hydraulic cylinders
minimum clamping forces as a function of the machine tool power and the cutting speed
S0.001 Seal kits
Information on seal kits
assignment of seal kits to hydraulic elements
part-nos. of seal kits